Here she comes again 2

18/08/2010 eljaytherealone

Oh I won this one. I had to help to go to the bathroom this morning at about 5 a.m. It took all of my strength to get out of bed. I am beat. But I did it and she wanted me to make her a snack. I refused. I told her to go back to bed for a little bit because it was too early.

And now it is 7:17 a.m. and she gobbled down the breakfast I made her. While she was eating I crept back to lay my weary body down for a bit. I could hear her gobbling in the kitchen and my body was tense because I knew she was not done with me yet.

I was right. She came to my bedroom door and leaned in and whined, almost saying that was not enough food so get up and make me some more. I pretended I was asleep, only peeking out of a very small slit. I thought if I ignore her she may go back to bed. I think she wanted me to help her to the bathroom again. I can’t deal with this too much longer.

Finally I bolted upright in bed and said, “Go lay down for a bit”. Then I demonstrated my command by pulling the covers over my head. I hear heard her fluffing about for a bit and then finally I heard her walk away. I WON…this one.


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